How Many Houses Have Solar Panels in the UK?

solar panel installer in the UK

As concerns for the environment and energy security intensify, solar panels are experiencing a surge in popularity across the United Kingdom. With this increasing interest comes a pertinent question for both consumers and those looking to enter the renewable energy sphere: How many solar panel installers are there in the UK? Understanding the scale and reach of the installation sector is crucial, as it directly affects the ability of homeowners and businesses alike to access and benefit from solar technology.

Solar Energy Adoption in the UK

  • Over 1.3 million homes in the UK are harnessing the power of the sun with solar panel installations.
  • There are 2200 solar contractor companies in the UK

4.1% of all 29 million households have solar panels installed, underscoring a noticeable adoption of solar technology. With such a considerable portion of the population choosing solar, the potential for further growth appears strong, pointing toward an increasingly sunny future for solar panel installations.

Residential and Commercial Solar Installations

Diving deeper, the MCS data shines a light on the residential uptake of solar panels. In 2021 alone, 61,320 UK properties added solar panels, marking a robust 71% increase from the previous year.

This brings the total number of residential properties with solar to an impressive one million.

Alongside domestic installations, commercial projects also make significant contributions to the UK’s solar energy generation, with large-scale solar farms augmenting the grid’s capacity.

The rate of domestic solar PV installations is seen as a positive indicator of continued confidence in homegrown, renewable energy.

Solar Panel Capacity in the UK

As of 2024, the UK proudly boasts a solar capacity of 15 GW. This strengthening of infrastructure is not just about generating electricity; it also signifies the UK’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions and achieving the ambitious net zero target by 2050.

Projections for solar capacity are optimistic, anticipating an upward trajectory in solar panel use over the coming years.

Global Solar Landscape

The UK’s solar progress is a part of a larger, global shift towards solar energy. In 2022, the world’s solar capacity surpassed 1 terawatt, with China being the frontrunner.

The comparison is stark: China has progressed from a production capacity of 2.5 GW in 2011 to a staggering 393 GW in 2022, providing about 80% of the global market’s solar panels.

These figures put the UK’s efforts in a broader perspective, emphasizing the role that every nation has in the pursuit of renewable energy.

A Bright Horizon for Solar Panel Installers

The burgeoning demand for solar energy spells opportunity for those in the solar panel installation industry. Installers have become essential agents in the transition to a sustainable energy future, illustrating a sector ripe with potential for job creation and career development.

As the industry grows, so too does the pool of skilled installers needed to meet consumer and commercial demands. However, the exact number of installers is dynamic, fluctuating with market conditions and the pace of technological innovation.


The increasing number of solar panel installers in the UK mirrors the country’s dedication to a greener future, energized by a collective realization of the benefits of solar power. Although the precise count of installers shifts with the evolving landscape, the upward trend in solar panel installations is a testament to the significance placed on sustainable energy. Whether through residential setups or large-scale solar farms, the UK is steadily contributing to a cleaner, more resilient grid, invigorated by the power of the sun and the hands that install each panel.