How Many Electricians Are There in The UK?

electricians in the UK

The United Kingdom has been experiencing a significant shift towards green technologies, a movement that is transforming numerous industries and driving demand for professionals with specialized skills. Among these professionals, electricians play a pivotal role. Their expertise is crucial for implementing and maintaining a variety of systems that constitute the backbone of green infrastructure.

Number of Electricians in the UK

  • According to a recent study there are currently 230,000 electricians in the UK
  • There are over 55,442 electrical contractor companies in the UK

Throughout the past decade, particularly from 2010 to 2019, the employment figures for electricians and electrical fitters in the UK have seen some fluctuations. By 2019, there were approximately 259,000 individuals working in these fields.

This number had seen a marginal decline from the year prior, illustrating a certain volatility in the industry’s workforce. The burgeoning impact of green technologies has also reshaped the demand for electricians, reflecting the growing need for professionals who can adeptly navigate the intricacies of these innovative systems.

Future of the Electrotechnical Industry

Recent surveys have prognosticated significant structural changes and technological advancements within the electrotechnical sector. The thrusting force behind these changes is the rising adoption of green energy solutions and renewables, which are heralded for revolutionizing the industry, as well as further escalating the demand for proficient electricians.

Overview of the UK Workforce

Here’s a closer look at the labor statistics: the skilled trades, specifically those in electrotechnical roles, represent a sizeable portion of the professional, scientific, and technical activities in the UK. These skilled electricians aren’t just important; they’re indispensable in achieving the ambitious targets set for the green energy transition.

Shortage of Electricians in the UK

Despite the importance of their skills, various regions across the UK are facing a shortage of electricians. A stark manifestation of this shortage was reported by electrical wholesaler ERF, which found that 56 out of 112 areas analysed had more than 50 electrician vacancies. Middlesex, Surrey, and Hertfordshire top the list of areas grappling with the most pronounced shortages, signaling that the situation might be becoming critical.

Addressing the Shortage

Tackling this shortage has involved a multi-pronged approach. Industry bodies like The Electrotechnical and Skills Partnership (TESP) are urging companies to amp up their investment in training while also helping those out of work to step into electrotechnical roles. Additionally, there’s a push to diversify recruitment strategies, drawing talent from wider pools to fulfill the industry’s needs. At the policy level, the government has been supporting apprenticeships and other initiatives aimed at bolstering the electrical industry.


In conclusion, the pressing demand for green technologies has made it clear: the UK must focus on nurturing and developing its next generation of electricians. It’s critical for businesses across the board to recognize the urgency to invest in training the electricians of tomorrow. Not only is this significant in addressing the skills shortage currently plaguing the industry, but it’s also essential for the nation’s transition to a sustainable future. Addressing these issues head-on will determine the UK’s capacity to lead in an increasingly green global economy.