Close More Clients With a Solid Online Presence

We create websites, manage social media and handle marketing for fire and security companies.

Through digital marketing fire and security businesses can achieve

+70% enquiries

Use organic traffic and a well designed sight to boost enquiries for the jobs you want

7.5x conversions

The average close rate from search engine leads is 15%, compared to just 2% from traditional advertising

+50% revenue

Use your website to connect with customers see an average of 50% growth in revenue

What do we help with?


We will build you a website that works. One that will attract and convert the customers you want. Businesses without effective websites miss out on £000’s in revenue lost to competitors.

Social media

We offer tailored social media packages. Every business’ social media is different. Some require more involvement from the owner than others. We’ll help you find what works for you.


Get more eyes on your site through paid marketing marketing and SEO. More traffic means more chance of securing new customers.

Why invest In your digital presence?

The upfront cost of investing in your digital marketing can be high, but not doing so is costing you more every month.

Most businesses in the Fire and Security sector rely on word of mouth. It is effective but everyone’s doing it. You need to stand out from the rest to have an edge.

Studies show that 90% of customers will shop online for a service before purchasing. Are you OK missing out on £000s in potential work?

Don’t invest

Keep your current digital presence and focus on word of mouth

  • You save some money in the short term
  • Your local competition invests in digital marketing
  • You miss out on £1000s in potential business to them 
  • Prospects choose them as their trusted provider
  • They get more work
  • They reinvest the profits into more marketing
  • They steal more and more prospects
  • They grow exponentially


Upgrade to a digital presence that brings in work every month

  • Spend some money up front
  • Get a website that attracts new traffic
  • Convert traffic into paying customers on the website
  • Display your excellent work to boost your reputation
  • Prospects choose you as their trusted provider
  • You become the go-to provider in the area
  • Reinvest new profits into more marketing
  • Grow your business exponentially

Build trust with a professional site

When customers see a website that is tidy, detailed, and easy to use, they trust that the fire and security services offered are top-notch. Just like you’d trust a security firm with a neat and professional physical setup.

Looks the part

Tailor your website to your liking with endless options to personalize the design and functionality.

Drives traffic

Built with search engines in mind, achieve higher rankings and more traffic with optimized code.

Convert visitors into customers with careful messaging

When visitors come looking for fire or security solutions, the right words and images can guide them. A clear and reassuring message can encourage them to invest in the safety of their homes or businesses.

Show your authority

Position you brand as the industry authority. The go-to when it comes to the Fire and Security services you offer.

Speak directly to your ideal customers

Tailor the words on your site to resonate with your ideal client.

Make them want to work with you

Inform them why they should choose you as a service provider over the competition.

Be proud of your website!

Ever been sent to a website and felt unimpressed? You don’t want your leads getting that feeling. Invest in a site that you’re proud of and excited to send prospects to. You make a difference in the work you do. Your website should reflect that pride.

Look the part

Like a showing off a brand new car, impress visitors with a sleek and professional design. Cultivate trust in visitors.

Bring value to visitors

Inform visitors with high quality content.

Show off your work

Show case studies of recent wins or challenging jobs. Show your customers why you are the right choice.

Eruptible vs Others

EruptibleWeb AgenciesDIY
Premium web design✔✔🗙
Specialised in fire and security🗙🗙
In depth competitor and market research✔✔🗙
Copy designed to convert🗙
Premium ongoing support🗙🗙
Small agile team🗙🗙
Fire and Security Marketing strategy🗙🗙
Easy communication🗙🗙

Word of mouth is not enough anymore

Relying solely on word-of-mouth marketing doesn’t guarantee a consistent inflow of high-quality leads.

It may be effective, but think about how much more word of mouth marketing you could achieve by bringing in more clients through Google.

Those new client will still spread the word, just like that your word of mouth marketing has grown exponentially by investing in digital.

No matter where your leads come from, they will always visit your site; and if your site doesn’t resonate with your ideal clients then you’re letting them pass you by.

Our 7 step web process

1. Book a call

Book in a call so we can learn more about your business and if we are right for you.

2. Orientation

Hop on an orientation call, so we can learn about your goals and what you want to get out of the site in more depth.

3. Research & Strategy

Research based on your ideal clients and business goals. Create a web and marketing strategy.

4. Design & Copy

We create a custom web design with copy for your review. Make tweaks based on your input.

5. Build & Launch

We build and launch your site for you. We hand over the site to you and train you on how to operate it.

6. Maintain & Support

We maintain and support your site. Making sure it is kept running smoothly with a 99.9% uptime.

7. Additional Marketing

If you choose one of our marketing packages we will produce quality web and social media content, and manage marketing campaigns to drive more traffic to your website.

Not another faceless marketing agency

We work exclusively with the Fire and Security industry, so we know what works. We know the pains and desires of your clients so we know how to communicate in a way that resonates with them.

We don’t hand work off to cut rate workers in a far away country. We are based in London and do the work ourselves, leveraging our years of expertise.

We will always be available support you personally, just a phone call away.

Founders Ernest Obihara and Aaron Umba delivering a fire safety marketing speech

Frequently asked questions

What makes Eruptible different from other large marketing agencies?

Unlike large marketing agencies that might not take the time to understand your specific needs, We focus solely on the Fire & Security sector. We take the time to understand your business, identify your ideal clients, and use the latest methods to attract them.

I’ve been relying on word-of-mouth marketing. Why should I invest in lead generation?

While word-of-mouth referrals can bring in clients, it doesn’t guarantee a consistent inflow of high-quality leads. Investing in lead generation ensures you have full control over your lead pipeline, attracting clients that will stick with you for years and bring in additional referrals.

How can I be sure that Eruptible’s strategies will work for my business?

We offer a free audit of your website and marketing. This allows you to see firsthand how our strategies can benefit your business before making a commitment.

I’m interested! How can I get started with Eruptible?

Great to hear! You can book in a call today and take the first step towards transforming your business.

Lets get your marketing rolling.

Join us on a free call to see how we can start helping you today.